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Every project and work is an opportunity for innovation and finding better ways to provide services to our clients

Complete Service

Our prefabricated objects are for those who are looking for indisputable quality at a reasonable price. Individual components of our houses are produced in their own production with integrated quality control during production and assembly of houses which guarantees high quality sustainability. Our latest innovations include, and the ability to introduce intelligent systems into our prefabricated houses, so the customer has a comprehensive service package under one roof.

Masonry objects

In its many years of experience, the company has performed a large number of masonry buildings, as well as works that are part and masonry and prefabricated buildings. As the assembly works are a specialized group of works in the key system, it is necessary to carry out a part of the works belonging to the coarse - masonry group of works. This refers to excavations, reinforcement, concreting, plastering, as well as other works that belong to both prefabricated and masonry construction. A skilled expert team based on thirty-five years of work on the construction of various construction works has a great experience in these works, so that we can perform quickly and quality all the above mentioned works and give the best solutions in the design and execution of the same. All works are performed according to domestic and foreign standards in construction. Great experience is important when applying adequate materials on the market and having all necessary attestations.

Prefabricated objects

They can be worked on the key system in the hands or in the system of gray construction. Prefabricated houses, that is, prefabricated houses, they got their name according to their construction method. They are made of prefabricated panels, which are manufactured at the factory. The finished panels are transported to the construction site. They are assembled there, and in this way, they reach the finished building - the prefabricated houses. These panels are delivered to the site completely finished and ready to be mounted.

Sales of building materials

We are also involved in the sale of construction and installation materials. In this part we cooperate with leading companies, both European and domestic, with the current number of about 3 000 items. This helps us a lot in the part of the production because in the stock we have almost all the items involved in production and in this way we emphasize more knowledge about the construction material and deliver quality.

Our Statistics

Our approach is to constantly challenge conventional thinking and tirelessly to find smarter, faster and more efficient delivery methods while always working with integrity to ensure that we adhere to high ethical standards for each project.









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